Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why are women so deceptive and manipulative?

Double talk, mind games, word games, twisting of what us guys say, guilt trips, I could go on and on.Why are women so deceptive and manipulative?
Because women are insecure creatures. We use the manipulative tactic to get what we want and get away with things. We know that most of the guys have that macho attitude and they don't treat women like humans, so we just manipulate to work things out. It's normal and dated back in Adam and Eve's time.
If a women just wants to manipulate her lover, wrap him around her finger, and regard him as her pet, then one can ask, "Does she really love him?"

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Why are women so deceptive and manipulative?
As Henry Rollins said:

There's a good reason why women get more and more evil the older they get - because guys get more and more stupid the older they get.

I think it all has to do with the women. Not ALL women are like that. Thats like saying all men cheat and lie. Its not true. Unfortunately in todays society you see the bad more often then the good.

A lot of it has to do with communication...we all know that men and women think and react differantly in certain situations. Both genders do the things you listed above.

Not playing the blame game here...please dont take what I'm saying wrong, my friend.

I think what it boils down to is the differances between men and women. Women tend to be more emotional and sometimes men dont know how to react. Men tend not so much act on emotion and are percieved wrongly by the woman. So a series of misunderstandings essentially.

But every woman and man is differant. I guess my best advice to you is take every situation differantly and use your best judgement.

I hope I was able to help and good luck!Why are women so deceptive and manipulative?
Like all slaves to a system they had no hand in creating, they have had to zig and zag in all departments to get a fair hearing. We have also developed manouevres that prevented us from getting killed. They still don't work - even though we are allowed more priviledges these days, two of us in the UK are murdered every week by partners who long for the old days again. It takes quick-witted people to deal with commonplace jailers.
Aww that's so sad! You are seriously hanging out with the wrong girls. Maybe the wrong ones and they have to be immature. They also have to be after the wrong thing. Unless you also promise them things. Some men also put out the wrong message like your a party boy pimp. So girls will feed off of that.

I have NEVER in my life been that way. I guess that's why i've had so many guy friends. They have always defended me because they thought I was so different.

Cool hu?

I have double talk, even amongst girls. I shut them up before they start. Mind games? I don't even know what that is honestly! Word games... HU? Twisting of what guys says... some guys I have to say don't express themselves well so I can see that. But, I wont defend them all. Guilt trips I don't even do that to my husband and I never even nag! Ask him!

Find some new Girl-Friends...seriously!
That's in their genetics!

You have use the words deceptive and manipulative, cause we cant understand their reactions and their way of thinking....

Men are weak and some women know that, and they dont hesitate to use us in the way they want to. We should not categorize all of them with these adjectives, hopefully there are women that are true kind persons.

Anyway, Since the beggining men has proven his weakness vis women, ADAM n EVE, she made him sin easily.
It's the same thing as with the guys except that the channel and the frequency are different.Interestingly,if you can master the code of their programming,you not only can spin them around but also screw them out of shape[sparingly].No need to go on and on ,because if they catch you on the way and get a chance to work on ,you wouldn't know whether you were Coming or Going.Keep alert.
It is in their nature.
Not all women are like that - I was when I was younger.

When you mature a bit you realise it is much easier to play all your cards up front - life is so much easier when you play it straight and open and uncomplicated.
Actually it's a defense against guys with their macho, take on the world and do everything my way attitude.

Most of the women I've talked to, expect guys to be pushy, and aggressive, and dominating. It's all stereotyping. They were really surprised when I asked them questions, talked about feelings and didn't try to corner them in conversations.

Of course, when I did meet one that tried it, I walked away fast... Who wants to have to deal with that stuff??
I think women like that are trained to be that way by the men they have encountered in their life. Most men are pigs and use the wrong head to think with. They stomp all over women and in turn, these women tend to try to defend against that kind of behavior by double talking, playing mind games, twisting words and so on. In time, I believe men finally learn that treating women like crap isn't working out for them and change their ways...not all of them do... just some. I think they realize that if you treat a woman really really good...she can be VERY, VERY good to them. All in all I think its a maturity thing, and we all eventually grow out of it.
You aren't playing nicely. Shut up, pay the bills, take out the trash, and learn what to do with your tongue. Then life will be perfect - and your life won't be too bad, either.
You can't accuse the women collectively. I'm a man but I feel It is just a propaganda. Our mothers are also women. Why we all love them if it is true?
Probably the same reason that men are deceptive and manipulative.
You're hanging out with the wrong ones, dude.
Dealing with so many men teaches us to be that way... Don't think you guys are innocent!!
Oh, because men aren't?

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