Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English Story 50 Word Help?

For my end of term thing you have to enter 3 off stage contest's so i for one i picked English as it seems pretty easy,

We have to write a short story with EXACTLY 50 words, i want mine to be a scary story with a twist but i can only write 50 page stories not 50 word stories, so can anyone give me a short 50 word horror story with a twist please?English Story 50 Word Help?
Just stick with the standard scary formula:

Identify the main character, create a reason for the main character to be alone, have villain/monster/killer/etc pop out, cue a brief chase scene where the bad guy chases the main character around in a threatening manner, have the main character somehow kill or vanquish the bad guy, bring the main character's group back from their errand or whatever, then when main character shows them the body or whatever of the bad guy it's magically gone, when everyone's looking at each other in confusion, have the bad guy strike again.

Since it has to be 50 words, you can forgo a lot of the details. Just concentrate on the big picture giving just enough to let your reader know what's happening, kind of like what I did above. You could follow along but there wasn't many details at all. If it helps, try imagining that you're telling your friend your story over your cell and it's about to die because you didn't charge up your phone last night. Since u really need to tell your friend your story before your phone dies at any minute, you need to spit out your story quickly.

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