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What personality do you think when you hear/see the word...?

Red. Like how would you describe a "red" personality? And a orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown, silver, gold, and pink personality? Sorry, I know thats a lot.

I need the personalities to be a little dark or psychotic. All the aura and color meanings I've looked at online don't have many twisted personalities, so please and thank you!

Here's the color personality list again:












GoldWhat personality do you think when you hear/see the word...?
red- full of lust. cocky. slightly perverted. turned on by pain.

orange- a good speaker, persuasive, but with twisted ideas. kinda like hitler.

yellow- shouting, angry, mean

green- jealous. sick with envy

blue- cool and cunning. calculating, cold, sarcastic, heartless

purple- hurting, hidden in the shadows, silently suffering

white- blank, numb

black- twisted, murderous, evil, or just dead

pink- greedy, stuck up, self centered

brown- druggie, dirty, disgruntled

silver- receded, sharp, lonely, neglected, vengeful, over protective of few close people

gold- abusive, thief, over protective of material things
Dark or psychotic, huh? Well, *sigh* , that makes it tougher...

Red- Pennywise the Clown from IT

Orange-Professor Umbridge from HP

Yellow-that chirpy fool Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in HP

Green- an evil, jealous little elf

Blue- this is the one I have trouble's hard to connect with evil

Purple- Q from Star Trek TNG

White- sterile, like an evil surgeon with Howard Hughes like tendencies

Black-control-Hannibal Lecter

Pink- Rita Skeeter from HP

Brown- Gollum

Silver- Data's evil twin, Lor

Gold- an evil genie, or a King or Queen rolling in riches and debaucheryWhat personality do you think when you hear/see the word...?
Red: Calm and dangerous.

Orange: Psycho or crazy.

Yellow: Outgoing and loco.

Green: Nice and gentle.

Blue: Beautiful/Handsome and skillful.

Purple: Quiet and hidden.

White: Leader-like and wise.

Black: Loner and powerful, somewhat calm and quiet.

Pink: Girlie and outgoing.

Brown: Strong and tough.

Silver: Outgoing and leader-like.

Gold: Quiet and strong.
here's my personal opinions:




Green=Angrily envious



White=Mentally not there


Pink=Keeps to themselves


Silver=Loves violence/weapons

Gold=GreedyWhat personality do you think when you hear/see the word...?
Sometimes, creating a somewhat dissonant and peculiar atmosphere for a certain character can make the character extremely horrifying.

For example, a serial killer represented by the color white or light blue.
RED 鈥?This is the color of extroversion, of a person with desire, appetite, a will to live life fully. You are somewhat aggressive, impulsive, perhaps athletic, surely quick to release your feelings and emotions. You have many ups and downs in your feelings.

To you, life is meant to be happy, and when it isn鈥檛, you are confused and upset. You hate monotony, are quick to judge people, quick to form opinions and boldly express them.

ORANGE 鈥?Generally you are good-natured, likable and social, you make friends easily, with an easy smile and a talent for small talk.

Chances are better than even that you will not marry, and if you do, your marriage will be one of light affection. You prefer friendliness and companionship to adoration. A natural born politician, you shine at any occupation in which you meet groups of people. You seldom indulge in serious thought or severe discipline.

YELLOW 鈥?You have great expectations and diligently seek self-fulfillment. Yellow is the hue of idealism 鈥?you have a superior mind and you use it. Your manner may be aloof, but you are not shy. You may occasionally feel an awkward moment, but you never get rattled.

In many respects you are a longer. You are good at formulating plans, but may not be energetic enough to carry them out. You think things through clearly, are logical and consistent.

GREEN - You are sure to be constant in your ways, persevering, sensible and respectable. You have a good balance. Outspoken, with a love of freedom, those who like green are generally social and live in a good neighborhood, have many friends and belong to social organizations. You tend to resist change. You like parties and you like to eat 鈥?and may usually be on a diet.

Your social standing, financial position and reputation are all of top importance to you. You constantly seek affirmation of companionship and affection.

BLUE-GREEN 鈥?A fastidious person, you have good taste, dress well and probably are a connoisseur of good food and wine. You are poised and apparently self-controlled though inside you may feel tense. You would perish without love and admiration.

The man who likes blue-green may be conceited, sophisticated, well-groomed, witty and sarcastic. The woman who likes this hue has a remarkable sense of fashion, is vain, mysterious 鈥?and ever charming, with exception appeal to men.

BLUE 鈥?You want a serene world and a calm life and you want your affairs to be orderly and neat. An introvert, you are deliberate, introspective, but perhaps not too intellectual. Steady and a hard worker, you will probably be successful and make a lot of money.

Though you have a tendency to be egotistical and opinionated, you know how to accept responsibility and obligation. You are sensitive to others and have a secure hold on your emotions.

PURPLE 鈥?Two types of people like purple. The first is sensitive, with deep insight, temperamental and creative with meaningful things to do and passionate devotion to them. The second type admires artists, mystics and unique people. This type feels there should be gentility, courtesy and affection everywhere, and no war, disease or poverty.

Some lovers of purple are charming and adoring patrons of the arts and others are true artists themselves.

BROWN 鈥?You are steady in your ways, persistent and tenacious. Conscientious in all you do, you are also obstinate and more likely to accept than to give. You also tend to be frugal. But you have an ageless quality and never seem to change.

Though your brain is not lightning quick, you do have the ability to think things through. You assume responsibilities, are shrewd, rational and sensible. You have no time for anything fanciful, but you are very sensuous.

PINK 鈥?Two types of people like pink 鈥?the person who has led a very sheltered life and the person who, grown older, seeks to regain the innocence of childhood. In pink there is affection, delicacy and an inner conviction, often naive, that life should be a gentle affair devoid of trials and tribulations.

Younger people who like pink sometimes hold to the illusion that life should be constantly romantic and generous. Pink is a gentle form of red , and somewhat vain 鈥?commmonly preferred among woman in the upper or middle class.
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