Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why is the Lamestream Media so jealous of Limbaugh?

They twist his words every chance they get. Anyone that listens to Rush on a regular basis understands what a great American he is.Why is the Lamestream Media so jealous of Limbaugh?
They have penis envy
Too dumb to know what lamestream means? let me help.

It means most popular and slanted. Conservative radio dominates the radio band and Focks is the most popular 24 hr opinion media, all of which are heavily slanted. What don't you understand about that? Need help with math too? 2+2=4.

Moving on, now...

So, to address your question, I don't know why conservative radio or Focks news would be jealous of him. Isn't that like it being jealous of itself?

Check out answerer #1 (Thomas), I couldn't stop laughing at his answer. It implies he has penis admiration for Limpballs.Why is the Lamestream Media so jealous of Limbaugh?
I don't think it is jealousy. I think it is hatred.

Rush is so very good at making fun of them and they hate him for it. They are so eager to catch him at something that he is able to play them anytime he wants to.

And he knows that most of them will follow whatever their lying media outlets tell them and won't check for themselves.
Newspapers, except for the Wall Street Journal, are declining.

Most people can't name a successful liberal talk radio host.

FOX beats the ratings of all the other cable outlets combined.

The Center for Excellence in Journalism, part of the Pew Charitable Trust, ran the numbers for the 2008 election and found out that only one cable news organization was fair and balanced in its coverage of John McCain and Barack Obama.

Conservatives remain the single largest ideological group, no matter how hard the mainstream media try to change us.鈥?/a>

The frustration must be maddening to a liberal. They are all invited to come share in the truth.Why is the Lamestream Media so jealous of Limbaugh?
You can't possibly think you're going to be taken seriously by anyone with a modicum of intelligence with a term like "lamestream"

you don't have to twist his words,he puts his own foot in his mouth quite well on his own.

I have listened, and I think he is a pompous windbag!!!
They see Rush for what he is to them a teller of the truth and it kills them to hear it.An his ratings just like Fox blows the others away.
they've flushed themselves down the toilet but need to blame someone besides themselves.

follow the money.

follow the influence.

MSM have neither.
The account Keith seems to have some facination with him also.

A regular Rush Caribou Lips type
It's because they think they are the only ones that are aloud to have an opinion.
Because he is more influential then they will ever be.
Paycheck size probably.
You are kidding I hope.
They're just playing the same game he is.

Raise the ratings.
We want his meds!
Oh my god, you're hopeless. I don't know how any Conservative in their right mind could defend him after this one.

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