Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why are people on here twisting my words?

You're accusing me of threatening the President's life?

That's slander, which is illegal.

"All I said was that even gays have access to the Second Amendment. We need to be assertive in our quest for equal rights. In 2012, we're going to terminate Barack Obama."

2012 is the election, so that's obviously what I'm talking about.Why are people on here twisting my words?
Wow. I would have accused you of the same thing. And I think I have before.

A quotation attributed to William Howard Taft: "Do not write so that you will be understood; write so that you cannot be misunderstood."
I read the question you asked and it said we are going to have to take Obama out while referring to the second amendment. I think maybe you worded it wrong but I can see where the confusion could happen.Why are people on here twisting my words?
sorry thats not slander. slander is when they say something about you thats not true ie you are., then they call you a name. that is slanderous, but you really should not have used the word terminate,
trust me, nobody cares about your words, wingnuts have NO-ONE to go up against Obama in 2012, so its a done deal.Why are people on here twisting my words?
well, the 2nd Amendment applies to gun rights(at least they acknowledge that in this case) and you said "terminate Barack Obama" so I would take that as a threat to the President too
You need to look up the definition of slander.
Because Oblamo Zombies can't handle dissent against the Messiah.
you just said you were going to terminate the president! do you no what that word means... thats called a threat
Thank you for clearing this up for us. And the FBI. Still, to be on the safe side, see one of



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