Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why do guys twist you words around?

most of the guys i know will turn something i said into something perverted. why do they do thisWhy do guys twist you words around?
immaturity. my good (girl) friend likes to tease me like that (as i do the same to her) and twist my words, and she tells these 2 guys that like to tease me and the 1 changes it into something really gross. like randomly i didn't say anything and the boy went and told some other guy "___ likes to get it dirty" i was so mad bc im not like that.

i guess it's their form of flirting? also these guys like seeing me kinda flustered...Why do guys twist you words around?
Because they are not grown up enough to say anything of any substance so they go with old reliable. Why do guys twist you words around?
you are very innocent and that is ok. the guys who twist your words are not respecting you and believe they are impressing you with this tacky way. They are telling you something they want to do with you by using your words and making you think are the one who brings up the ideas.

these guys are losers.

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