Sunday, February 5, 2012

Short story about a hospital, injuries etc... with a twist?

Any chance anyone has a neat storyline with an unexpected twist to go about 500 words? Must involve a hospital... 10 points for best answer. Cheers in advance.Short story about a hospital, injuries etc... with a twist?
If you don't want depressing or death maybe make it a psychiatric hospital - lots of chances for twists there. Have one of the patients holding his therapy group hostage - he's desperate to get out to stop his ex-wife from marrying someone else (or whatever reason). He has a weapon of some sort . You may have to be creative in how he got the weapon or maybe just start the story as he takes over the group and don't really explain where the weapon came from (after all it's only 500 words).

One of the hostages is badly injured and could die soon without medical treatment - so it adds a sense of urgency. Have one of the hostages be the rational one who talks the guy out of killing everyone.

TWIST #1 - the rational guy could actually end up agreeing with the hostage-taker and help him escape instead of turning him over to the cops. Or, depending on how twisty you want to get - have him talk the hostage-taker into turning himself in and then the "rational" guy kills the hostage taker because...

TWIST #2 - the "rational" guy is actually one of the patients. (The doctor who leads the group is the injured one - probably unconscious the whole time. You could have everyone comment on crazy he is just the throw the audience off)Short story about a hospital, injuries etc... with a twist?
A person find someone in hospital, his face covered. he finds the report. Its the case of suicide. He checks the letter and and it was his.

some reasons.

when he wakes up from dream, he finds the whole thing started as per the letter in he real life.Short story about a hospital, injuries etc... with a twist?
A patient who is going in for surgery but the wrong surgeon comes in and begins operating on the wrong organ.
How about the patient dies and wakes up again in the morgue?? freak of nature kind of thing?? :)

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