Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do some pastors uses God's word to purge the church?

I understand that the word will not always be pleasant, and sometimes I will hear something that I do not like but I will have to accept it because it's the word of God. Sometimes I feel some pastors use the word to their advantage or twist it around to make you feel like a nobody. Then later get upset when members start leaving the church. Why would a pastor want to run members away from the church?Do some pastors uses God's word to purge the church?
A pastor should be called by God to a Church and has to bring the message God has given Him. If people leave the Church mad, it is their issue. People don't like to see the problems in their life, and angry is the easies response. If you are mad then you never have to really listen and examine your walk with God. I don't think a pastor would purposeful bring messages that make people leave, but they should never change their message to make people happy. If people leave that is between them and God.
I use to go to a church like this and over and over again the church fell apart. It has not recovered to this day, but I know that God still has plans for this little place. You should pray for him, he may be tormented, hurting and lashing out and really not meaning to. You don't have to accept anything that anyone says, take every word to God and have Him show you what is the truth and how to apply it to your life, as we can preach out of our own need and problems.Do some pastors uses God's word to purge the church?
Some of them do. It's common for people to misquote and misinterpret the Bible. Just because it comes from a pastor doesn't mean it's always correct. My pastor says things I disagree with all the time.
Not knowing your particular circumstances, it's hard to say. The job of a pastor sometimes requires walking a fine line between reassuring the humble and challenging the complacent. Religion does have a hortatory dimension, a call to better behavior and service to the disadvantaged, as well as a warning against self-satisfaction and complacency.

Naturally when people feel too picked on, they tend not to want to come back, so the pastor needs to articulate a wider vision for the community (instead of picking on individuals) and hope they'll take the hint. A prophet's job is to comfort the aflicted and afflict the comfortable, and it's never easy.

Of course, I can't tell what your pastor's talking about. He may be just using selected Bible passages to bully people and keep them under control. When a pastor is more intent on condemning people than in making the world better, he may need a prophet of his own. And that's the hardest job of all.Do some pastors uses God's word to purge the church?
That happens a lot but its OK to go to another church.Just try a new one every week until you find one that fells rite and go there.the church is just a building if you don't like what you hear coming from the leaders move on.But don't lose faith because the pastor of one is a jerk.
because they are fake.. the true church.. it's the catholic.. you have to believe what the church said in the council of nicea..if you accept the true church.. you should be not afraid of what other churches like the protestants take advantage of the Bible.. the Bible was protectes by the catholic church because the protestants, they tried to read but they were divided in many sects
Titus 2 is the qualifications for a Pastor. This is the problem young preachers are not pastors. Elders are pastors and preachers are not.
Actually, if the sermon/preacher is 'safe' than the scriptures are being compromised.

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