Monday, January 23, 2012

Why must the anti-McCain crowd twist his words? Are they so intellectually bankrupt they can't find a valid

reason to oppose him? I am thinking of McCain's 100 years remark. Like how many years have we been in Germany? I suppose isolationism did us well during the run up to WWII, right?Why must the anti-McCain crowd twist his words? Are they so intellectually bankrupt they can't find a valid
Because they're liberals, and liberals typically attack people who are more sensible than themselves with lies and distortion.

That's mostly because their minds are shut down to facts and reason, especially concerning their hollow shell candidate, Barack Hussein Obama.
Why must the anti-McCain crowd twist his words?

THAT'S POLITICS, BABY!Why must the anti-McCain crowd twist his words? Are they so intellectually bankrupt they can't find a valid
Because obbammo's are already twisted.
yesWhy must the anti-McCain crowd twist his words? Are they so intellectually bankrupt they can't find a valid
No need to "twist" mccain's words.

EVERY time he confuses iraq with iran he proves what a dodering old geezer he is.
the run up to world war 2 so it was only a war when your country got involved? do you know how many people died before you people turned up? you didn't care much for the jews then. living in europe it would be better if McCain did get you country out of Germany
It's on both sides of the field. Obama's words get twisted as much as McCains words get twisted. I have my reasons for being an Obama supporter as much as someone is a McCain supporter, but I hope in a future election I want a guy or possibly a woman who wants to make Republicans and Democrates see to an eye to eye level, because thats what we need the most. BTW, I, am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, both have strong and weak points.
We have to twist his words to make out what the hell he saying. He speaks from teleprompters and cue-cards that he can't see. He gets easily nervous in tight situations, makes mistakes and then talks jibberish. No matter, once untwisted, we all know what he meant.





Something like that.
Interesting.. i find that some of the answers prove your point very easily... isn't it nice how libs aim to please? The funniest part? They don't even see how they proved your point!

They twist his words, because the young guy has prepped them to accept nothing with substance, so when they hear something with facts, an actual plan... they have no idea what to do.

The sad thing is that alot of the libs think WE allowed Pearl Harbor to occur, just as they think 9/11 was an inside job... it was. Inside al qaeda...
Dogbreath, as Where's Neal Bush deftly pointed out, the guy isn't confidence inspiring.

You sight intellectual bankruptcy "when they can't find valid reasons to oppose him." I sight the MORAL BANKRUPTCY of the current administration and the startling damage that it's done our country.

Brian S.: what were we supposed to do in September 1939? Immediately jump in? Remember, it was Britain and France that had treaties with Poland to protect her, not the USA. We were actually practicing something we allegedly don't anymore, respecting the sovereignty of nations.

Our presence in Germany to you is offensive? So were the two world wars she caused within 20 years of each other last century. Didn't like the Jews much back then? AND EUROPE DID? It was your beloved Europed with the death camps, Brian, not the US.

But enough rebuttal. Bush has raped American credibility and the American economy simultaneously, while faithfully going to church every Sunday. Who could possibly want more of his ilk in the White House?

McCain IS an old man, just like me, with very suspect health and temperament. Notice you never see him photographed from his right sight-he's riddled with cancer in his face and neck.

Why? Because they want to win %26amp; will do anything.
mccain rocks, i sure hope he wins over obama.. everyone who likes him should vote for him on this page (and get a free gift card!!).
That's not exactly objective now is it?

Stop watching FOX news and do a little research. If Iraq had bombed Pearl Harbor it would be one thing, but they didn't even have WMD's to begin with.

How about the fact that McCain doesn't know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis?

By the way, how many times will you head to Iraq over those 100 years? It's not a sacrifice if you don't have to go.
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