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How do I spread the word about food poisoning at a restaurant?

I'm 100% sure (and my father who's a doctor agrees) that I go food poisoning after eating chicken curry from Twisted Noodles in Durham - what's the best way to warn others? I had it for lunch and by 8pm I felt awful and by 9pm I was hugging the well as around 1am. Rough night. I just want to spread the word so others take extra care.How do I spread the word about food poisoning at a restaurant?
If you didn't go to the doctor (they would have been required to report it if they identifed a reported microorganism), you should report it to the Durham County Environmental Health Program at 919-560-7600 as a "Suspected Foodborne Illness".

It's very possible if that you were not the only one to suffer. They will, or at least should ask you a number of questions including what you had your last few meals, time between consumption and first sign of symptoms, your specific sypmtoms, and more.

Take Care
Were there others who got food poisoning from eating the same stuff there, or you were the only one? It could be you too. Not all food poisoning is the fault of the food joint. I know a couple of times I got food poisoning from the fresh off the stove food that we shared among 8 people of all ages, %26amp; I was the only one who came down with it. Your father being a doctor does not give you immunity from being sick, %26amp; neither does that or you alone getting sick make the restaurant responsible for it. I do believe that you got sick the way you did. But trust me, it could be some thing that was not the restaurant's fault.

I do notice that this is a community that is ever ready to pass the blame on to some one else. Nothing is ever their fault.How do I spread the word about food poisoning at a restaurant?
you need to go to a doctor AND contact the local board of health, and you should also contact the restaurant. If others have gotten ill, or get ill from the same place (the number of cases may depend on the state, but in arkansas its 3), it is officially an "outbreak" and the restaurant can be shut down. (though most likely they will be inspected first, and if the source of contamination is found they will have 24 hours to rectify it and then will be subject to more regular inspections.) Also you should contact the restaurant. Most of us in the business dont want to make someone sick, and if something has become contaminated, or if our staff is not handling the food properly, we need to know... especially if it has already caused illness. Food-borne pathogens can kill, if this establishment is ignorant or unconcerned with proper food handling practices, they should be shut down. If it is an aberration, they will want to know.

Also, get on and other restaurant review sites and write about your experience, along with other sites like it. Also, try contacting the restaurant itself. It could have just been an honest mistake. If you get the feeling it wasn't, contact the Better Business Bureau and the local Food Safety Inspector.How do I spread the word about food poisoning at a restaurant?
You have tell your friend and tell them that they spread these words to others, you can sue the restaurant if you have evidence, you can report the food or health department.
Pamphlet, blogs, signs
report them to your local health department

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