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Atheists do you respect a Christian who sticks word for word to the bible or someone who morphs and twists?

Atheists do you respect a Christian who sticks exactly to the bible word for word? Trying to show everything in the bible is literally true? Searching for noah's ark etc?

Or someone who conveniently morphs their bible interpretations as they see fit?Atheists do you respect a Christian who sticks word for word to the bible or someone who morphs and twists?
To be honest, I do respect the one that sticks to it exactly, word for word. They're at least being consistent. (Although, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for that hypothetical christian to cope with some of the crazier stuff in leviticus in our modern world.)
Someone who sticks to the bible word for word shows himself to be an incredibly rare breed of moron.

Unless you're reading the bible in its original greek/hebrew/aramaic, then get off your dam high horse pretending that you're sticking to it word for word.

And since most of the bible was written as records of history, or even much of it as poetry, then how on earth do you stick to it word for word?

Every time you look at the bible, you're interpreting it, so stop being such a fool.

How do you explain the fact that Jews read the bible and come up with something completely different than Christians?

One of those two people is interpreting the bible, and one of them is interpreting it wrong.

And since they wrote the dam thing, I am going to say that you're probably the one getting it wrong.Atheists do you respect a Christian who sticks word for word to the bible or someone who morphs and twists?
Someone who sticks to it word for word. It always annoys me when somebody picks and chooses what they take literally, and what they don't. It's either all metaphoric or all literal. On top of that, they can't even agree on what's real and what's not. Some Christians take parts of it literally that others don't.
Not only does their bible contradict itself, but the freaking people do too.

Nonetheless, I respect neither.
If I supported someone who takes it word for word, I would have to accept how they like to restrict women, hate every other religion/non-religion, and like stoning people to death.

If I supported someone who morphed it, I would be supporting someone like Fred Phelps of Westboro.

You tell me which one you think I should respect because I see no reason to respect either.Atheists do you respect a Christian who sticks word for word to the bible or someone who morphs and twists?
Actually, I have very little respect for either position. The attempts to take it all literally are horrible failures. It's simply not possible to resolve the contradictions or the the flatly impossible. But your alternative description is clearly meant to describe a hypocrite.

I try to have respect for the human being while I lack respect for their religion.
I honestly don't care what Christians believe as they all somehow have a different view on everything. Just as long as they don't hassle me about it and try to get me and others to believe, or have a problem with me and others not believing. They need do keep in to themselves, imagine how much less arguing, violence even war there'd be if every religion or strong believers could do just that.

I wouldn't say i'm complete atheist either, i do in a way believe in "something" not knowing what or how it works throughout everything, just not a religion or a god figure in any way, but i don't have enough of an explanation to bother explaining to people.
Well, the former is better, although it's actually impossible to stick to the bibles word for word, they contradict to much.
I respect somebody who is intelligent enough to know that the bible was not meant to be taken literally and has a basic interpretation which isn't designed to suit some personal agenda of theirs.
Discerning the Bible is difficult at best.....which is why so many fools mock it and so many idiots discard it.
Both have their own problems IMO.

The only kind of theist i respect (at least for their beliefs alone) is an agnostic theist.
Neither, really - they both show different sides of the delusional coin.
none but i hate the most those who say that the bible is the exact word of god and then go and say something like - "i think god here meant....'

it just drive me nuts
I don't respect either of those people. The first seems like an idiot and the second is trying to push an agenda.
unless they did something worth my respect, niether
I find it hard to respect either.
Both throw intelligence and rationale out the window.. so, neither..
Certainly there must be an option C...?
Ahh, I don't really give a flip either way.

It amuses me :D

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