Monday, January 23, 2012

Why do women twist everything around that a guy says?

Why is it that no matter how carefully I try to word an email, telling her about my day and what happened, she just has to twist it all around and make it sound like I'm complaining about it.Why do women twist everything around that a guy says?
Stop emailing her telling her about your day. When she asks why you aren't telling her stuff, explain to her that since she always interprets your rendering of the day's events as complaints, you do not want to unnecessarily distress her so thus will simply discuss your relationship.

I had the same issue with a previous bf. However, the issue was that he considered explanations to be 'excuses'. For instance, being late due to car failure was 'just an excuse. You should keep it maintained.' That sort of thing. If it was he that was late, it was a reason, for me, it was an excuse. The very last time this happened, I just told him I was sorry to be late and didn't give any reason. He got mad. I pointed out that any reason I say is an 'excuse', so why do you need one? I dumped him that night. BTW, my reason for being late was that I had to wait for hours at the ER with a relative.Why do women twist everything around that a guy says?
yeah... girls always does that. they are clever at twisting words. even if u are correct, u might end up begging forgiveness for something that u did that ain't wrong at all... so in simple words, they misunderstood us like how we always misunderstood them... hahah.

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