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How can MAN twist the word of GOD? If the Bible is inspired, it MUST be without fault?;鈥?/a>

Is it inspired or not? It's either inspired, protected from defilation or mutilation by God, and therefore there is one interpretation and all Christians must agree....


It is NOT inspired, and mankind has twisted and rewritten it.

Which is it?How can MAN twist the word of GOD? If the Bible is inspired, it MUST be without fault?
It is not dictation from God... God did not divinely inspire people to write his life story. People were inspired by what they believed to be God... they wrote about it... it changes over the years as society/culture changes, as new people translate/intereret it based on their own subjective opinions and beliefs.
GOD DOGHow can MAN twist the word of GOD? If the Bible is inspired, it MUST be without fault?
neither. It is simply a book published that mankind has made billions of dollars off of
Mankind has written it. No twisting or re-writing.How can MAN twist the word of GOD? If the Bible is inspired, it MUST be without fault?
God says the bat is a bird.
The bible is a collection of stories that is suppose to inspire us to live better.
The question isn't relevant because it assumes that the perfect being God (assuming there is one) allowed his/her/it's words to be subjected to the interpertation by imperfect beings...humanity. To put it more clearly the query should be: Why would a perfect being (God) create such imprefection (humanity)? PEACE!
well if satan could get someone to kill Christ can he not corrupt the word of God? he did that right from the beginning in the garden of eden....

its called free will....
The bible is strictly man made. Man mistranslated, Man altered. Man twisted. And re-mistranslated dozens of times.

Then walk into an Assembly of God church and see how the bible is used to justify bigotry and ignorance.
You're speaking of text written thousands of years ago and had many different authors then, and has since undergone many translations and interpretations so the answer is actually both; inspired originally then changed by virtue of time and different authors/interpretations.
Write down a dream and it loses something in that interpretation--understanding does the rest...
Inspired by God, written by man

If the devil can twist God's word, so can his human followers.

They can literally twist God's word into what they want to , but the wisdom and spirit behind it will always remain true.
I believe the bible is the inspired word of God in all translations. The bible is a very complex story which has a beginning and an end. Through that process many things take place. Change happens. This change makes it easy to interpret the bible out of context. ((So much of this happens in our world))) Part of the change that I speak of happens within the life of the Christian. As a Christian matures, he must search his own sole and decide how to walk. If he is truly turning his life over to God, he will grow immensely. As he grows, his heart will change. Things which he tolerated early in his journey will no longer seem right. Yet it sems unlikely that during his time on earth he will overcome all. As I journeyed I thought there was contradiciton in the bible, but as I have grown, I see that it is absolutely pefect and brilliant and a fantastic inspiration. In my early walk I did a lot of things that the bible said were not right. When read in context the bible actually told me it was okay for me to do these things, but that I really should one day aspire to do better. Did you ever watch a child learn to walk. When he first stands, then falls. He does not quit. He tries again and again. Until he toddles. Then he falls a lot too. You see my point.

The bible is the inspired word of God and it is truely incredible. We need only to have faith, have a relationship with God through his word and allow him to go to work on us.
Every word in the Holy Bible was and is supernaturally inspired by GOD. He spoke to Holy men who then wrote it, and it is INFALLIBLE.

The unbelieving man or woman twists Gods Word by misinterpreting it.

However that DOES NOT affect the TRUTH of Gods Word and never will. It only affects the persons who have blinded themselves to the TRUTH, by twisting Gods Word in their OWN life, and the life of anyone else who listens to that which has been twisted.



2 Peter 3:15 Bear in mind that our Lord's patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him.

16. He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people twist and distort, as they do the other Scriptures, TO THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION.

((( tcid ))) - Jesus Christ ((( IS ))) the Living Word of God and He cannot be corrupted by sin, so therefore neither can Gods Word since Jesus Christ never sinned.
All scripture is given by inspiration by God and the word of God discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart and it gives light to my eyes and is pure.

It depends on how it is interpreted. The Greek and Hebrew language has a lot of different meanings for one word, but the English language is different than that. I guess the tenses have to be studied correctly and I can say that I would need to be educated to do that right.

My pastor has a pretty good grasp on that and he exegete's the bible in all his studies. He wrote a small booklet on the book of Philippians and can be requested from this ministry free of charge.(The link tetelestai church is on my profile.) This booklet is in a letter written form in the way that the original letters to the churches were written.
It is inspired, but that doesn't mean that man can't change it, or interpret it any way they want to. We do have agency, and sometimes that isn't in line with what God would have of us, or scholars translate it the way they think or feel it needs to be done, without consulting God as to what He would want.

It also comes down to understanding. My understanding of something might be different than someone else's. That doesn't mean either of us are right or wrong, just that we each understand something differently.

I do believe the bible has some errors, but it is still the word of God, and the lessons it teaches can help anyone in life.
It is inspired, it is with out fault, and there is only one true interpretation in English. K.J.Bible.

It is the hearts of man that disbelieve and change things around, not God.

What is more funny is they believe evolution with out no Tex, with Just a mythical theory of billions and millions of years.

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